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St Joseph’s Catholic Church Parish Hall

Mondays – 9am until 5pm - Starting Monday 5th December, then running 12/12 and 19/12.

The following facilities are available: 

  • Wifi.

  • Kitchen with microwave.

  • Tea and Coffee.

  • Food – sandwiches, soup, bread, cakes, biscuits.

  • Power/charging points.

  • Desks.

  • Games, jigsaws, books.

  • Newspapers/magazines

  • Toilets/(can use to for baby changing). 

Starting Monday 5th December, then running 12/12 and 19/12.


Closed Monday 26/12 and Monday 2/1/23

1 St Joseph's St, Matlock DE4 3NG  What three words  ///forever.radiates.valley

MATLOCK Methodist and UNited reforMED Church

Wednesdays 12noon to 3pm - Starting Wednesday 7th December 2022

Closed 28th December 

The following facilities are available

  • Drinks - coffee, tea etc.

  • Food – warm lunch

  • Games, books and jigsaws available to use in the space.

  • Children’s toys will be available and colouring activities .

  • Wi-fi

  • Accessible toilets and baby change.

  • Hot water refills - bring a flask or hot water bottle to refill.

  • Our warm space is free, but if you wish to make a donation and are able to do so to help support the space, a pot is available.

  • Any donations made will go straight back into continuing to be able to run the space, and provide free food and wifi for those that need it.

Starting Wednesday 7th December 2022  - Closed 28th December 2022

Oak Road , Matlock, DE4 3FJ  

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Matlock Moor Methodist church

Thursdays – 1115am until 3pm

The following facilities are available: 

  • Food – Soup and a roll (£1 charge) together with free coffee, tea etc.

  • Games – a small number of games will be left out on a table for anyone to use.

  • Books will be left out in a box.

  • There will be a quiet area if you do not wish to be disturbed.

  • Children’s toys will be available.

Starting Thursday 8th December 2022


Chesterfield Road , near the golf club Matlock DE4 5LG  

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